KYN - Earendel artwork and release date revealed

KYN, the tri-state folk super band has revealed today the artwork for their upcoming album "Earendel" including the release date , the 30th of October 2019 . The album can now be purchased through the official pre-sale while the digital version will be released a 2 weeks after the CD release date .

Kyn is an Italian-Swiss-German tribal-folk project that mixes the sound of the northern lands with Mediterranean warmth thanks to the hurdy-gurdy, the German bagpipe, the Nichelarpa and the davul that blend with the lute and the ethereal but energetic and solemn voice of Ida Elena. The lyrics are inspired by the pagan gods of Celtic and Viking Europe and in particular to the influence of the Normans and the Germans in Sicily, the fusion between these cultures and the previous Moorish domination. Another very important aspect of their Music is the Element Sea: the Sea is the scenario for most of the songs. Finally, the figure of the Woman is dominant: strong, fierce and Spiritual, like the Woman in the Nordic Cultures, especially in the Viking ones.


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