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FIRST SINGLE - 28.01.2020




BLACKDOWN MUSIC  is a label and distribution company for Folk , Alternative Rock and Metal music. We release and promote through Blackdown Music and our own sublabels and marketing companies and we distribure in the UK directly as Blackdown Music and in Europe and USA under NOVA MD.

Thanks to our self operated support companies we can cover a wide range of music styles and also in terms of services we offer for artists and music companies we partner with.

BLACKDOWN MUSIC  works with established artists and upcoming bands providing them with unrivaled marketing tools and services to  promote their music worldwide. We also offer custom designed promotional and distribution services for independent artist and labels seeking to expand their reach through our ever growing network .

BLACKDOWN MUSIC operates a number of sub-companies specializing in Social Media PR , Video content marketing and distribution as well as an independent Film production company able to offer music video production services and music placement for our artists .

Music Videos

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